Real Estate Investing is hard Enough It's Time for a CRM that works for you!

#1 Automation Software in the Market

RealDealCRM is the true Virtual Assistant you have been looking for Follow-up Mastery!


Create a High Velocity Real Estate Investing Business

A CRM for Real Estate Investors by Real Estate Investors.

Have you heard the expression "There is Fortune in the Follow-up?" After years of real estate investing experience we have learned this expression to be very true. But... who has the time to do everything that is needed.

RealDealCRM is your Virtual Assistant that handles much of the follow-up automatically. Follow-up Mastery!


Lead Management

Manage your leads and opportunities in a simple Kanban board. Assign automation for consistent and persistent follow-up. Follow-up Mastery!


Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. Manage your reputation on Google and Facebook. More importantly, automatically ask for reviews from your buyers and sellers!


Unified Messaging

Websites, funnels, phone, and text messaging. All available in a single easy to use platform. Did we mention are popular mobile app?


Appointment Automation

No need to spend money on a 3rd party solution to manage calendaring. Consolidate into a single platform.

Conduct most of your business on the phone?
No problem!

With our mobile phone app you can:

  • Send and Receive Texts

  • Make and Receive Phone Calls

  • Manage Your Pipeline

  • Kick Off Automations

  • Book Appointments

Your Pipeline is the Lifeblood of your Business

Gain valuable insights into your Real Estate Investing business through our visual dashboards.

  • Pipeline Value

  • Conversion Rate

  • Lead Source

  • Google Analytics

Combine all your communcations into a single platform

You need to be where you customers are. RealDealCRM let's you call or text directly from the web portal or mobile app.

  • Text Messaging

  • Phone Calls and Stealth Voicemails

  • Automations

Are you ready to take your real estate investing to the next level?

Regain some of your time and offload some of the required work to your new Virtual Assistant, RealDealCRM!

Our Pricing

A CRM for Real Estate Investors by a Real Estate Investor.


The Essentials

Getting Things Started

2 Way Text & Email Conversion

Web Chat

Reputation Management

Facebook Messenger

Missed Call Text Back


Call Tracking

$99 /mo.



Most Popular

All Features of Basic +






Trigger Links

Create SMS & Email Templates


$199 /mo.



Take It To The Next Level

All Features of Professional +

Fractional COO (2x30min Sessions per month)



HTML Builder

Social Planner


Affiliate Management

$499 /mo.

*Text and phone charges will apply to all features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Locked Into a Contract?

No contracts, cancel any time right from within your account dashboard.

What Do I Have to Set Up Myself?

The Professional and Elite Levels will include much of the automation you may need to get started. Time tested workflows and templates will be ready to implement right away. The Professional and Elite levels will also receive additional workflow updates to test and implement as they become available.

Am I Locked Into a Contract?

No contracts, cancel any time right from within your account dashboard.

What is a Virtual COO?

The Virtual Chief Operating Officer is a Real Estate Investing professional that will act as an accountability coach and someone willing to ask you the tough questions.
• Define your REI Goals

• Consistent Persisten Action

• Work on the Right Things

Can I Use My Existing Phone Number(s)?

Yes! Through our simple porting process you’re able to move any existing phone number from any system over to ours. Same goes with domains, simply point your new domain to us and use it on any funnel you want!

How Many Calls and Emails Can I Send?

Pricing for all phone and email related activities are as follows:

Making Calls$0.026/min$10 will get you approximately385 callsReceiving Calls:$0.017/min$10 will get you approximately590 callsText Messages:$0.015/text$10 will get you approximately 665 textsEmails:$0.00105/email$10 will get you approximately 9525 emails

For our average users the included credits every month should be sufficient to cover all your phone and email needs.
For heavy users you may incur some additional charges.

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